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The decision to create the foundation came the day we saw the war. Something had to be done. And we began to help. At first, pointwise, targeted, to friends, acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances, and then it turned out that there are a lot of us, caring people. And we decided to unite. Someone lived in Ukraine, someone is still there, someone has relatives there, someone has friends, someone simply could not sit idly by looking at injustice. When this war is over, we plan to help other regions that are in distress at the moment.
Now we have people from different countries working for our company. Everyone has their own story.
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Foundation`s mission

From the point of view of biology, it is the ability to mutual assistance that helps species survive. There are altruists among insects and animals, let alone people. Our psyche works harder. By helping, we not only do well to another or conditional “our” group, we do well to ourselves. By pulling a person out of a difficult situation, we increase our self-esteem, reduce stress levels and feel better. The task of our foundation is to make all the people we work with a little happier: both those who want to get help and those who want to give it away.

Foundation team

Oleg Bogdevich
18 years of management experience in large European companies and doing business in various industries. My professional experience also includes working with people in the UK employment system
Charity is a serious way and hard work. Its is work without days off, without the right to turn off the phone. But at the same time, it is also a great happiness to know that you can be a part of helping those in need.
Denis Delikhovsky
Physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor. Experience in commercial project management
Based on my professional experience and life position, I have always helped people and this has become the main goal of my life.
I adhere to the principle: "We do not do miracles, we do not guarantee healing, we work to the limit of our own capabilities. Our skill and experience are the only guarantee." — William Garner Sutherland.
Marina Onokhova
Project manager in the field of heavy engineering, founder of the company for the assessment of the technical condition of buildings and structures
We have lived peacefully and happily for so long that only a sudden catastrophe or war can show the level of our empathy, humanity and ability to help selflessly. I want to believe that these qualities are not alien to me. We cannot return the affected people to their former peaceful life, but if I can at least ease their situation a little, I will consider that I have not lived my life in vain.
Ievgeniia Kot
Graphic and web designer, art director
I design to make the world more beautiful, clearer and more convenient. And here, at the foundation, I can help someone make the world at least a little safer and kinder.
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