Help for the Ukrainians

Orphanage for orphans whose parents were killed during the war

At the moment 56 children are waiting to move into a specially prepared building in Ivano-Frankivsk. All administrative issues, as well as water and electricity, have already been resolved. The building has been completely renovated and the kitchen is functioning.

Project status: active fundraising


  • Equip the premises, children's rooms, playgrounds and sports grounds with everything we need.  
  • Provide psychological assistance to children who have lost their parents.


  • We raise funds and buy furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, games for children - everything the children need.
  • The budget for the first stage is 10,000 euros.
  • We find child psychologists who specialize in helping children who have lost parents during wartime.


  • To orphans whose parents were killed in the war.


Project organizers in Chernivtsi, the full staff of the orphanage

On the first of May, the charitable foundation "Dobrodearium" plans to open a new unique center for the social and psychological rehabilitation of orphans in Chernivtsi.

This story started in March 2022 when as the result of the Russian troops' attack, 56 children were evacuated from different establishments in Kharkov region: 37 from the "Harmony" center, 9 from Izium children's social and psychological rehabilitation center, and 10 from Balakleya children's social and psychological rehabilitation center. Ex-Minister of Economy of Georgia Giorgi Arveladze and his friends helped organize the evacuation. They are now also providing small refugees with everything they need. The children together with their carers were placed in temporary housing, mostly in Ivano-Frankivsk and partly in Dnepropetrovsk.

At the same time, volunteers were searching for permanent homes for orphans. They also had the idea of creating a center where children could receive the care, attention, and love they needed. It was decided to create such an institution in the west of Ukraine, in Chernivtsi, as far away from military action as possible. In March 2022 Georgiy Arveladze and Pavel Patsarnyuk organized a non-profit charitable foundation "Dobrodiarium" to constantly support the activities of the center at the highest level.

With the help of concerned citizens of Chernivtsi, deputy governor Bogdan Kovalyuk and regional administration, we were allocated a building that perfectly meets the needs of both children and adults. The object was communal property and was intended for children's sports camps.

The space has unique potential. It is possible to make a separate building for the kids, with its isolated infrastructure, including a playground. There is also the possibility of creating indoor and outdoor sports halls and classrooms for the intellectual, cultural and social development of children.

Thanks to caring people from Ukraine and America we have formed a unique team of professionals. Managers and patrons with years of experience in charitable work, specialists in the catering and hospitality industry, IT experts, architects, and A-class designers work with us. All these people spend a lot of effort to create the most modern social and psychological rehabilitation center.

Our goal is to make a long-term experimental new type of facility. Our list of goals includes: 
  • Continuous custody of the foundation from infancy to adulthood, assisting alumni and maintaining contact with them;
  • Attracting educational, developmental, and other resources for the individual comprehensive intellectual and physical development of children. We need to maximize the potential of each child;
  • Creating an international program of volunteers (students, graduate students, and employees of leading universities), to form democratic values, civic responsibility, and ambition to continue their education. We want our children to get the right start to start an independent life;
  • Forming a Foundation Board of Trustees composed of scientific, artistic, and business leaders who support our long-term mission and have the resource and credit of public trust. These individuals will oversee the quality assurance of our educational and training work and will be able to oversee the development of each of our foster children. 

If our idea develops successfully, we are planning to create a network of such kindergartens all over Ukraine under the auspices of various charitable foundations with state support. We are convinced that our charges can become worthy builders of a future independent and strong Ukraine!